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The Institute of Musical Arts is a cultural center for children and young people with the purpose of bringing a taste for music to Puerto Vallarta. We have educational and concert programs of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

Meet The Teachers

All our dedicated teachers have experience in orchestras, groups or ensembles with their respective instruments. This helps them to convey their experience and knowledge in a practical way, both musical theory and its correct execution.

Maggie Uribe
Maestra de cuerdas

My mission is to help discover the talents of children and young people, to raise their concern and to support them so that they have the opportunity to prepare for universities, whether they are musicians or not.

Daniel Oliveros
Director de Orquesta

From a young age I studied in a system very similar to this, and now that I am on this side as a director it is an honor and a responsibility to change the lives of children just as mine was changed by my teachers.

Angel Olea Romero
Maestra de Cuerdas Paso Ancho

La música para mí, es la herramienta que me ha llevado a ser un ser humano integral. Mi meta no es enseñar lo que sé, sino mostrarle a quién enseño de lo que es capaz.

Omar Romero
Maestro de Metales

I know that I can pass on to my students not only the musical knowledge I have but also my life experiences to help them grow beyond music and their instrument.

Yutzil Magda
Maestra de Canto

I love to teach, my goal is to transmit all my knowledge with a technique of my own that I have developed with years of experience, to make you enjoy singing fully without hurting yourself.

Kike Roldán
Maestro de Percusiones

When you give a concert in public it is very satisfying to know that people enjoy the music and the moment. This motivates me to keep doing my best and prepare to share the music with everyone.



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IAM PV is located within the UDG Gourmet Station, in a central and easily accessible area.


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If you want to learn music, listen to concerts or support art in Puerto Vallarta do not hesitate to contact us at the mail or phone below. You can also leave your details and immediately a member of the Institute will contact you.

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