Board of Directors Instituto de Artes Musicales Puerto Vallarta

Daniel Oliveros – David S. Haynes – Cointa Raviela – Terence L. Reilly – Susi Schuegraf

Daniel Oliveros

Founding Director Instituto de Artes Musicales Puerto Vallarta (IAM PV), Principal Conductor of the Puerto Vallarta Chamber Orchestra.  Mr. Oliveros is a conductor, woodwind player, and teacher from Monterrey, Mexico. As a performer he has played a wide variety of genres including orchestral, folk, soundtrack recording and Broadway musicals; playing with over ten different instruments. With more than 11 years of teaching, Daniel has been involved in the creation of over a dozen of groups and has conducted youth orchestras and professionals in Mexico, Canada and Bulgaria.


Terence L. Reilly – Founder I AM PV, member PVCO

Mr. Reilly rediscovered a love of playing classical music and joined PVCO after a 35-year hiatus. Mr. Reilly was drawn to the foundation of I AM PV through his association with Daniel Oliveros and PVCO and the deepening of the mission of music education.

In Puerto Vallarta. He is the CEO of Mexlend S de RL de CV, a company dedicated to resourcing financial solutions for properties throughout Mexico. 

Victor Kris

Founding Director of The Salty Paws Youth Jazz Orchestra.  After moving to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Kris began playing saxophone in Rock and Roll and Jazz bands throughout the city such as: Joe King Carrasco, Texas Embassy Blues Band and others, becoming a staple soloist in many local venues.  In  2013 Victor Kris became the woodwind teacher in OEPV (Orquesta Escuela Puerto Vallarta) for three years, where he was also the Director of the beginning Symphonic Band. In 2016 Victor Kris created the Salty Paw Jazz Orchestra, the first youth-based jazz orchestra in Puerto Vallarta which has already performed in international festivals and venues throughout the city. Currently Victor Kris continues as an active musician while teaching and directing the Salty Paws.

Mary MacLachlan – Founding Member of PVCO

(Puerto Vallarta Chamber Orchestra)

Mary McLachlan current Concertmaster of PVCO, was one of the founding members of the Puerto Vallarta Chamber Orchestra which formed in 2004 along with Kathleen Hennen, d’Rachael, Doug DeMeerleer, David White, Sharon Baughman White, Chris May.

Beginning with only ten members in 2003, and now with 45 musicians, the Orchestra was created as an opportunity for local musicians to play and perform classical music. The orchestra also serves as the top layer of student education, as our finest IAMPV students are funneled into the program to work alongside older and more experienced musicians to hone their skills.

Mary MacLachlan was born and educated in Canada. Her career has involved teaching instrumental music, playing in various orchestras and chamber music groups, as well as teaching violin privately. Mary, and her husband Don, have lived in Edmonton, Calgary, Los Angeles, Saudi Arabia and since 2004, have resided for half of each year in Puerto Vallarta.